AKE Zine

 A Critical Feminist Arts/Research Workshop Series (and zine!) brought to you by Dr Ashleigh Watson, Dr Laura Rodriguez Castro, and Samantha Trayhurn. 


Este fanzine busca construir un diálogo sentipensante a través de los testimonios de varias líderes sociales entrevistadas en el 2016, meses antes de que se firmara el Acuerdo de Paz con las FARC-EP. 

Travelling Fellowship

2019 Australian Academy of the Humanities Travelling Fellowship entitled: ‘Advancing Peace and Conflict Studies from the Ground: Women’s Oral Testimonies and Historical Memory in Colombia’. 

Current Projects as Senior Research Assistant

* 2019 (ongoing): Dr Sarah Casey, Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan, Dr Gail Crimmins and Dr Karen Sutherland (University of Sunshine Coast), ‘Discovering and supporting the digital literacy and business communication needs of people living in St George and Dirranbandi’, Australian Federal Government: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources CARE Balonne.

Link: https://www.realruraldigitalsolutions.com/

* 2018, 2019 (ongoing): Dr Adele Pavlidis (Griffith University), ‘Contesting Australian Sport Culture: Women and the Rise of Contact Sport’, ARC DECRA. 

PhD, Doctor of Philosophy

(30 May 2018, Griffith Universty)
PhD Thesis entitled: ‘Towards De(s)colonial Research in the Global Rural: A Feminist Feeling-Thinking Study with Rural Women in Colombia’.  

Honours Thesis

(January 2014, Griffith Universty)
Thesis entitled: ‘The Triple Shift: A Study of Women’s Dailly Life in Rural Colombia’.